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SCY - Hypercultural chain

SYC-Create a new world of interconnection


Why choose SCY?

The SCY interconnection network will combine the Internet of Things (loT) technology platform and blockchain technology, on the basis of distributed entities (terminals/users) and data trust, expand the trust application in multiple dimensions to realize the realization of data value。

From point-to-point, point to line, line to network, with personnel and property, the establishment of a cross-chain, cross-domain, cross-system and cross-application interconnection system is realized。

SCY's vision and goals

SCY is an interactive storage and transfer station for chain-moving global blockchain data, dedicated to influencing the effective connection between the entire real world and the blockchain world.

Let the various systems of the blockchain world communicate with each other and interact with the scenes in the chain to realize the connection between the blockchain and everything in the future. Build a cross-border and unbounded value base system.


Core Technologies

Decentralized Finance
Core accounting and consensus mechanism

SCY chain will innovatively adopt super multi-dimensional hierarchical multi-consensus module (SCM), through a broadcastable, multi-consensus algorithm coexisting mechanism, and adopting independent consensus mechanisms through smart contract execution confirmation and block generation.

Asset Management
Hybrid oracle

Smart contracts will be applied to the real business environment, and the data will also come from the real environment. "Oracle" provides a solution to allow the smart contract of the blockchain to obtain uncertain data information in the real world.

Capital Markets
Cross-chain multi-chain parallel technology

SCY can realize cross-chain communication and consensus. Through cross-chain communication and consensus modules, it can quickly dock different blockchains and form data exchange. Just like a universal international space station, it can be docked with any space station in a different country.

Global Trade and Commerce
SCY attribute encryption hierarchical access control

From a security perspective, transaction information and cargo location data on the blockchain will leak a certain degree of privacy. Therefore, in order to ensure that users have a safe and private transaction environment, appropriate encryption methods need to be adopted in the blockchain. Data access control is to ensure legal use User access capabilities, while preventing unauthorized users from accessing data. In our design, this technology can support hierarchical access control in the supply chain.

Payments and Money
Al global multi-terminal database

AI global multi-terminal database is a pluggable key-value distributed database interface. It provides multiple back-end database component options, including levelDB, RocksDB, TiDB, cockroachDB, etc. The AI global multi-terminal database is a highly optimized database component for blockchain/distributed ledger and IPFS. It provides distributed processing, scalability, real-time on-chain indexing and off-chain data interaction capabilities, which will be applied to computing-related scenarios such as blockchain and the Internet of Things, big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence joint data training.

SCY Road Map

Token distribution

More token information

Token name: SCY
Total supply: 2,000,000,000 SCY
Never issue more
SYC-Create a new world of interconnection

Our team

Decentralized Finance
Huang Youzhen

Pohang University of Technology majoring in computer engineering, with LPIC international qualification certificate, has participated in the development of multiple projects such as safe program delivery, 10T robot research, personally initiated the WHITE HACHER activity, and has nearly ten years of technology research and development experience in the blockchain field.

Asset Management
Kim Ming-seop

Koshin University, formerly an engineering planner for a well-known Korean IT company, entered the blockchain industry in 2015 and led the development of multiple local blockchain projects. As an important guest, he was invited to attend the Asian blockchain technology summit and delivered a speech , Has considerable research on the implementation of blockchain project technology.Kim Ming-seop.

Capital Markets
SCY Top founder

Born in the world's top exchanges.

Global Partner