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Blockchain for Social Impact and NGOs

Our mission is to leverage emerging technologies to solve the world's most pressing issues. We collaborate with NGOs, enterprises, and universities to achieve the UN鈥檚 sustainable development goals.聽

We work to empower marginalized voices by leveraging blockchain technology.

Social Impact at ConsenSys is a collective of Mesh efforts to make the world a better place. Our mission is to act upon opportunities that enable and leverage the exponential impact of blockchain technology to address critical social and environmental challenges. We activate the capabilities of ConsenSys and the Ethereum community to educate, advise, and assist NGOs, social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and other impact-focused entities in pursuing global Sustainable Development Goals.

Our vision is a system of well-tested, accessible, and sustainable blockchain-based solutions to help remove the global community鈥檚 largest hurdles and help solve the world鈥檚 most pressing issues.

Change the world with Social Impact at ConsenSys.

What We Focus On


Partnering with NGOs, universities, governments, VCs, and corporates


Empowering marginalized communities by teaching about blockchain technology

Cash Assistance & Philanthropy

Blockchain-enabled cash assistance programming and philanthropy solutions聽

Identity & Accessibility

Leveraging Decentralized Identifiers & NGO methodology to provide digital identities

Supply Chain & Immutable Evidence

Tamper-proof evidence & transparent supply chains for worker wellness

Social Impact Assets

Carbon credit systems, recyclable markets, collateralized loans, & inclusive fintech

Social Impact Case Studies

Our Partners
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