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SCY - Hypercultural chain

SYC-Create a new world of interconnection


SCY officially listed on Binance Chain decentralized exchange Pancakeswap

SCY will be launched on August 7, 2022; the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap will be launched, and users can purchase and trade SCY through the Pancakeswap exchange.

Contract address: 0x2fd0cf8ffC150c6668544e16E85B96a962BFf184

As SCY successfully launched the decentralized Pancakeswap exchange with the largest number of users in the world, SCY will integrate ecological resources, continue to improve the ecosystem, and form a mutually supportive system form with its multiple side chains. SCY will reach an agreement with the Res aggregator. Long-term strategic cooperation. In the future, the Res aggregator and ALL DAO organization will appear in the SCY public chain ecosystem, which will lay a solid foundation for the development of the SCY ecosystem.

Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange based on Binance Smart Chain and adopts the Automatic Market Maker (AMM) mechanism. PancakeSwap is one of the top three decentralized exchanges and the largest exchange on Binance Chain. Its users cover many regions around the world, and it is one of the decentralized exchanges with the largest number of users.

World Hedge Foundation

July 31, 2022


Dear SCY users:

Thank you all for accompanying the foundation through three springs and autumns. The foundation's original intention is to create an international Super culture chain chain, to solve many difficulties and pain points of digital assets, and to make transactions and circulation more trustworthy and simpler. In this process, we have devoted a lot of human, material and financial resources. Up to now, we are still iterating and updating continuously. The original intention has not changed, and there is still a long way to go. I would like to thank everyone for their long-term support and trust in the Foundation.

The foundation conforms to the development of the situation and makes strategic adjustments in a timely manner with the goal of ecological development. Since March 2022, it has successively launched its own digital asset exchange (RC exchange), global community node elections, etc., and initially achieved the expected goals. At the end of the year, the SCY public chain mainnet mapping is planned to be launched.

On July 15, 2022, the foundation reached a strategic agreement with the famous investment institution of AnyCoin to jointly build a new digital asset ecosystem. At present, the foundation has launched a dual-currency double-helix mechanism based on SCY’s underlying public chain technology, which has the characteristics of smart contract execution on Binance Chain, no Dapp, and no bubbles:

1. Aggregate all aggregated digital assets, resources, technologies, institutions, etc. with the function of an aggregator to gather more valuable fan data;
2. With the function of the major alliance organization (token ALL), form a global community disintermediation organization, and launch ecological projects through trust voting, such as: Defi2.0, Web3.0, Metaverse, Chain Games, Commercial circulation, and more value ecology.

At the same time, in order to better match the global ecological layout, the moon? The release of the original SCY is completed on the day, and the value of SCY can be increased through the aggregator function, as well as the appreciation of wealth through the dual-currency and double-helix mechanism. The specific plans are as follows:

1. SCY release plan
1. The amount of all SCY in the original SCY APP (including pledge and output) is obtained through the wallet address of the Binance wallet bound by the user. All will be released to the wallet address at that time.
2. The released SCY can be traded freely through the pancakeswap decentralized exchange on Binance Chain.
3. Notice: In order to ensure the security of each member's SCY assets and ensure that they can all be released to the TP wallet address. For those with balance assets that have not been released to the wallet (members without a wallet bound), they must provide the main account, password, mobile phone number, TP address, number of assets, and photos with certificates. Send mail to You can receive assets from your own TP wallet address after waiting for the foundation to verify that it is correct.

2. How SCY aggregates value
1. Airdrop:
All token holders holding SCY can participate in the replacement.
2. Quota:
Purchase the wallet address of RES, USDT+RES to create the wallet address of LP, and distribute RES in a certain proportion.
3. Scheme:
If the price of SCY is lower than the price of RES, it will be exchanged in the same amount; if the price of SCY is higher than the price of RES, it will be exchanged according to the value and proportional premium. Of course, this aggregation scheme is not limited to SCY, and other digital currencies can also refer to aggregation.

3. How to achieve a win-win situation
1. The aggregation of digital currencies such as SCY, on the one hand, can continue to increase the holding address of RES, and on the other hand, promote the price increase of digital currencies such as SCY.
2. If there is no digital currency such as SCY, it will also promote the trading and circulation of digital currency such as SCY.

Finally, I hope that through this release plan, the dual-currency and double-helix mechanism, and more ecological implementations, etc., we will bring benefits to everyone through long-term value investment. I hope that in the days to come, we can work together to build, share, and win-win. The foundation has your company, I am very fortunate!


World Hedge Foundation (Announcement)

July 30, 2022


Resource aggregator makes strong debut on Binance Chain decentralized exchange Pancakeswap

Resource aggregator (Res) will be launched on the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap on July 19, 2022. Users can purchase and trade Res through Pancakeswap.

Contract address: 0xEEA859410fb73dfB5363352FA3C5d5fCf7BC0FBe

Resource aggregato creates the first application streaming platform with digital commonality and revenue sharing by transforming the native application ecosystem. With the labels of light weight, diversification, wide coverage and easy operation, return the value of assets and equity to users.

Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange based on Binance Smart Chain and adopts the Automatic Market Maker (AMM) mechanism. According to the data released by DeFi Lilama, Pancakeswap ranks in the top three.


To members of scy community:

First of all, the world hedge foundation of the United States thanks everyone for their efforts in the development of community consensus and their efforts to preach the spirit of consensus; Thank you for your patience. With the perfect layout planning and implementation of the whole blockchain multi industry ecology, the active participation of the community and constant learning are inseparable, which plays a vital role in the future development of the foundation.
The world hedge foundation of the United States will work with community consensus in the next two sectors.

1. The RC exchange built by the foundation will be upgraded as a whole next, and together with the blockchain enthusiast alliance, it will build and improve the exchange Ecology (stacking wealth management, difi, NFT, quantitative contracts, etc.) to form an independent business territory of the exchange. All shareholders of the exchange will work together to agree on their own industrial ecology. With the promotion of overseas business, RC exchange will make every effort to promote internationalization and provide the most high-quality platform for global blockchain players.

2. With the landing of the main network, the node campaign will continue to be consensus and extended in the community. All scy ecological players can enter the node pre selection, and all node participants will share the bonus of the number of digital assets of the node together.

Note: members of scy community should find "BNB address binding" in the original ecology and add TP wallet address. All non participating nodes will release all assets to TP wallet in the next time, and members can still find the node election port( )To participate in the voting for pre selection of the node and enjoy the continuous rewards of the node together. Members with assets in the exchange and wallet can also transfer the assets to the official contract address of the node for node application, and provide the hash value.
Official website:
Official contract address: log in to the official website to obtain it. Do not trust the address provided by strangers. All members should check the correct address in the official website before operation.
Tip: the binding time is from June 5 to June 15. Please ask the community leaders to convey to each other so that the assets can not reach the wallet.

World hedge Foundation (Marketing Department)
June 5, 2022


With the implementation of SCY's ecological segments, the voting for the ecological pre-selected nodes is also in order, and the pre-selected nodes in the pre-selected node pool are now entering the final audit stage.

1. Pre-selected nodes that have not met the criteria will continue to be collected by community voting, and pre-selected nodes that have not met the criteria after three months will be retired to their respective wallet addresses.

2. After the pre-selected nodes pass the audit, the node members inside the consensus node pool will enjoy the node policy rewards brought by the monthly nodes. Later on, after the main network is online, the nodes will have the right to propose major events and vote on special events in the operation of SCY, to jointly govern the ecology of SCY, to achieve the concept of building and governing the blockchain community DAO, and to create the new era of digital economy ecology through blockchain technology. Value!

SCY Eco Committee
May 27, 2022

Announcement on pre selection plan of scy startup node

Dear SCY User

In order to better develop scy and scy business and build the world's first commercial public chain, we will launch the scy node pre selection plan on time at 16:00 (UTC + 8) on May 15, 2022, and invite global partners to participate in the ecological development of scy. The goal of 21 nodes is to consolidate the solid ecosystem of scy. Nodes are the heart of scy distributed all over the world. At the same time, they also enjoy the real benefits brought by the network all the time, and connect the child nodes into a huge super network through nodes. The stability and quality of nodes will have an important impact on the whole ecology. The equity owners of each node will be able to participate in the construction of scy ecology, introduce more landing applications and jointly develop scy ecology.

Super culture chain technology department
May 8, 2022

Phase I equity crowdfunding dividend announcement

Dear SCY User

We are very honored to announce that the users participating in the first phase of equity crowdfunding will receive the first phase of ecological dividend on the 9th of this month. Congratulations to the users participating in equity crowdfunding for successfully enjoying the dividend of ecological development. In order to meet the strong emotion of users to participate in ecology, decentralized DAPP has given priority to opening the pledge channel. Users can invest dividends in decentralized DAPP again for pledge to obtain more ecological dividends. The second phase of equity crowdfunding will also close the participation channel at the end of this month. Please don't miss the opportunity to participate in the dividend of ecological development. With the end of phase II. The first phase and the second phase began to distribute profits after the end of the third quarter

Super Cultural Chain Development Committee
May 6, 2022

Announcement of Real Coin's Second Equity Raising Crowdfunding

Dear Real Coin User

We are very honored to announce that the second phase of Real Coin's equity raising crowdfunding will be launched globally on April 12, 2022! The equity value of Real Coin in this issue is RMB 1.8 million per share. The method of crowdfunding for shares is: based on digital currency assets BTC/ETH/USDT/SCY assets. (SCY is priced at RMB 8/piece, including SCY available points, recharge points, locked points, frozen points, and exchange points.) The minimum standard for users to subscribe for crowdfunding equity is 0.01 shares (the minimum amount of SCY shall not be less than 2250, which is 0.01 shares.) ). Real Coin users can directly participate in the global ecological construction of Real Coin by holding equity, enjoy the huge dividends of Real Coin ecological development and the development of the blockchain field, and work with global Real Coin users to create a safe, stable and efficient global digital asset ecology.

Thank you for your support and help to Real Coin in the past. We will try our best to provide you with a safe, stable and efficient global digital asset trading platform. The growth of Real Coin is inseparable from your support and help!

Please believe that Real Coin will become better, join hands with you to the future, and welcome the arrival of success!

Hedge Fund Investment Management Department
April 4, 2022