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Professional Services

Customized Blockchain Solution Development

Harness the expertise of over 300 world-class cryptographers, engineers, financial experts, and economic thinkers to help your organization develop customized blockchain solutions and tackle emerging regulatory, strategic, and operational risks.

We advance enterprise adoption of Ethereum blockchain technology

ConsenSys鈥 Professional Services brings blockchain to business. We are the engineering and infrastructure leader at the forefront of the enterprise blockchain ecosystem.

We work with Forbes Global 2000 corporates, web3 and crypto companies, and world governments to integrate ConsenSys鈥 blockchain products and build customized blockchain solutions. Our experts also support our partners, system integrators, and ISVs to help drive success at all stages of ConsenSys product implementation and solution development.

Institutional Services

Strategic Blockchain Advisory

Gain insight into business model prototyping, use case discovery, market analysis, and proofs-of-concept to develop comprehensive strategies for blockchain adoption.

Use Case and Infrastructure Development

Turn concepts into cutting-edge applications, and develop enterprise-grade foundations that meet security, operational, and compliance requirements.

Design and Development of Blockchain Solutions

Discover, design, and rapidly prototype blockchain solutions from proof-of-concept to technology pilot that meet your organization鈥檚 needs.

Customized Product Suite Integration

Implement the ConsenSys blockchain product stack in custom initiatives. Tailor platforms and functionalities for digital assets, payments, currencies, and more.

Solution Deployment and Customer Success

Benefit from seamless technical implementation, solution delivery, system integration, and a full suite of ongoing support services.聽

Joint Ventures and Co-Creation

Co-create new blockchain-based platforms and business models while leveraging our knowledge bases and community network.

Featured Case Study

Covantis: Modernizing Global Supply Chains

International trade has not seen major technological innovation since the mass adoption of email 30 years ago鈥攍eaving highly complex, manual, costly, and time-consuming operations. Blockchain solutions from ConsenSys enable Covantis to create a global network for the efficient execution of bulk agricultural trade operations.

Covantis  Modernizing Global Supply Chains

Blockchain Solutions by ConsenSys

The adoption and deployment of Ethereum blockchain solutions by financial institutions, crypto-enterprises, and world governments is in full swing. The ConsenSys product suite leverages blockchain to address long-standing industry problems across traditional finance, decentralized finance, commerce, and trade. Find out how.

Asset Management
Asset Management
Asset Management

Create, issue, and manage digital assets and instruments.

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Capital Markets
Capital Markets
Capital Markets

Automate servicing activities and accelerate time-to-capital.

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DeFi for Institutions
DeFi for Institutions
DeFi for Institutions

Access and engage in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

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Global Trade and Commerce
Global Trade and Commerce
Global Trade and Commerce

Expedite trade financing, and prevent fraud and counterfeiting.

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Payments and Digital Currencies
Payments and Digital Currencies
Payments and Digital Currencies

Streamline wholesale, retail, and cross-border payment infrastructure.

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Blockchain Products for Institutions

  • Codefi Featured
    Codefi Featured
    Blockchain Applications
    Digitize assets, launch decentralized networks, optimize business processes, and deploy production-ready blockchain solutions.
  • MMI Banner Featured
    MMI Banner Featured
    Access to DeFi
    Make institutional investments with the world鈥檚 most trusted DeFi wallet.
  • Payments Featured
    Payments Featured
    Payments and Digital Currencies
    Participate in digital currency discovery and experimentation.
  • Staking Featured
    Staking Featured
    Eth2 Staking
    Earn rewards on Eth2 without the technical complexities of running an independent validator.
  • quorum logo gradient
    quorum logo gradient
    Build on our complete open-source blockchain protocol layer for business.
  • diligence 900  215 600 2
    diligence 900  215 600 2
    Increase smart contract security and avoid costly bugs and errors.

Learn about Enterprise Ethereum

  • eea thumbnail
    eea thumbnail
    What is the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance?
    The EEA is a member-driven standards organization that develops open blockchain specifications to drive harmony and interoperability for businesses and consumers worldwide.
  • 11 ways enterprise ethereum thumbnail
    11 ways enterprise ethereum thumbnail
    Enterprise Ethereum
    Enterprises, governments and leading organizations across the globe are adopting Enterprise Ethereum for solutions that deliver increased trust, enhanced efficiency, and new opportunities.
  • Client Stories
    Client Stories
    Client Stories
    Client success stories and real-world blockchain applications by ConsenSys.
  • Blockchain Use Cases
    Blockchain Use Cases
    Use Cases
    Learn how blockchain will impact different industries. Learn how major sectors are presently deploying Ethereum blockchain solutions to solve recurrent industry problems.
  • Webinars
    Upcoming and on-demand blockchain webinars from ConsenSys and our partners.
  • insights hero
    insights hero
    Insight Reports
    Industry reports, executive guides, white papers, and research from the foremost experts on Ethereum.

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ConsenSys鈥 Professional Services team works to accelerate the adoption of Ethereum among institutions, crypto enterprises, and governments. Join our emerging partner ecosystem and leverage the expertise, services, and solutions of the world鈥檚 largest blockchain company to accelerate your blockchain business.

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鈥淏lockchain is no longer a buzzword. Major governments, central banks, and financial powerhouses are recognizing the tide that is already turning.鈥

Joseph Lubin

Founder of ConsenSys and Co-Founder of Ethereum